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Amsteel Coated Cord - 7/64" SORRY! No Longer Available!

Model: SG732

A 12-Strand braided rope using Dyneema fiber with our proprietary Samthane urethane coating. AmSteel is a non-rotational rope that yields extremely high strength and low stretch; equivalent to wire rope with only 1/7 the weight. In addition, the product is flexible, spliceable, and resists flex-fatigue and abrasion. Standard color: gray. 8-strand construction.

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SG732 Amsteel Coated Cord - 7/64" - per foot $.00 /foot
SG732 Amsteel Coated Cord - 7/64" - 100 feet $0.00 /100 feet
SG732 Amsteel Coated Cord - 7/64" - 600 foot Spool $0.00 /600 foot spool
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Inch mm Lbs/100 Ft Kg/100m Strength/Lbs Strength/Kg Min Strength Lbs Min Strength Kg
7/64 2.5 0.3 0.45 1,400 640 1,300 570


  • Applications: Competition Grade Running Rigging, Kite/Wakeboard/Waterski Lines, Trawl and Bridle Lines, Wire Replacement - Non Jacketed, High Performance Tug Lines, Pulling and Stringing Lines, Rodeo/Rigging/Utility, Low Stretch Support Lines (Wire Replacement), Horizontal Lifelines, Wire Replacement Ropes
  • Stronger than steel cable of equal diameter
  • Good abraision resistance
  • Floats in water
  • Ideal for strong, longlasting tethers and lanyards
  • Handy in trunk or camping gear for emergency lashings and tiedowns
  • Can easily be spliced to many of our clips and snaps
  • This products, as listed is cord only - no clips are inlcuded.

$30 minimum order required

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