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LED Light Fixtures


Berkeley Point is proud to present a lighting solution developed for many applications including landscape, garden and marine use. Really, the uses and applications of the Tri-Cluster are unlimited. They are easy to configure, wire and install. With an expected lifetime of over 100,000 hours, you won't have to replace them for years. LED lights are the next generation of lights . Installed today, they will still be providing light for your next generation.

Tri-Cluster (Model 300) mounted in Granite Rock

MicroStar (Model 100) mounted in stainless steel rail

The Tri-Clusters are available in a variety of housings, from the bolt-style fixture (Model 302) to the fixtures with flexible stalks available with a brass (Model 360) or stainless steel (Model 310) head. They are also available in a simple brass (Model 350) and stainless steel (Model 300) fixture for easy mounting in existing fixtures such as walls, rocks, posts, and other hard surfaces. Get the same quality light with the MicroStar (Model 100) a single LED version of the Tri-Cluster for those uses that require less light or a smaller fixture.

The Tri-Cluster super-bright white LED's are a low-voltage, simple-to-use solution for many applications. Take a look at our sample applications or contact us for more information about your specific application.

A note on the intensity or brightness of the Tri-Clusters and MicroStars: Many of you are already familiar with the miniature LED flashlights that have become so popular. Although the manufacturer's claims are for 100,000 hours life on these lights, the LEDs are being driven with more current than specified by the LED manufactures and it is unlikely that these flashlights will last nearly as long as claimed. In the case of a flashlight this is not very significant. With our lights however, we have chosen to remain conservatively within the LED manufacturers specs and we expect that once installed, our lights will last 11 years if left on at all times and in excess of 22 years if turned on only at night. Because we don't "over drive" our LEDs you may notice that they aren't quite as bright as the small flashlights. Make no mistake, our lights are still incredibly bright and you don't want to look directly into the LED! These little LED flashlights are very handy for evaluating the effect of LED lighting in prospective and proposed applications but you will find that the Tri-Clusters are typically a little bit brighter than the single LED flashlights and the beam angle is wider. The MicroStar, also being a single LED, is not as bright as the LED flashlight but does provide a wider beam of illumination. There is nothing more effective then temporarily mocking up an installation with the actual LED fixtures you plan to use.

The presence of ambient light from other sources such as exterior lights, street lights and interior lighting escaping from windows will have an effect on the lighting provided by the LED lights and this must be taken into consideration. There are certain types and levels of extraneous light "noise" that can't be overcome by the more subtle LED lights. Just as one wouldn't expect to hear the babble of a brook or the chirp of a cricket next to a busy freeway or in the presence of a pounding boom box, our LED lights will not compete with a halogen flood light or mercury vapor street light. If the ambient levels of light are such that you can view the stars and see a shadow cast by the moon, our LED lights will magically enhance your environment and allow you to see that much more. Areas and aspects may be highlighted and dark shadows can be filled with illumination of detail. You will not be in the dark nor will you have your night vision blinded. A proper installation using our LED lights will give you essentially the same effect of a full moon under a cloudless sky.


Tri-Cluster Quick Facts

The Tri-Clusters:

  • run on 12 volts
  • can be installed safely without the use of an electrician
  • are compatible with Solar Panels and battery systems
  • are compatible with photo-switches, limiting use as darkness dictates
  • consume minimal amounts of power: running 10 Tri-Clusters from dusk until dawn - 12 hours - will draw the same electrical power as leaving one 150 watt bulb on for 12 minutes!
  • provide a "blue-white" cast of light - similar to the light of the full moon
  • generates no heat or infrared light; bugs are not attracted as with incandescent bulbs
  • are waterproof and submersible
  • are small, and can be mounted in and under objects, camouflaging the light source during daytime
  • are easily wired and maintained, limiting maintenance needs and upkeep

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