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Model: PC

Black, 550 weight paracord (parachute cord), 7 strand nylon braided in outer covering.

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PARACORD ParaCord Black, 550 weight $.55 /3 ft. shank
PARACORD Paracord Black, 550 weight $14.52 / 100 feet
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Whipping Twine
Model: TAE
Waxed whipping twine from Marlow.


Cord Pull
Simple, clamp-style terminal for holding two cord ends to gether.


Cord Lock
Simple, spring loaded Cord Lock - ideal for spectra cord.




  • Ideal for camping, boating, indoor and outdoor clothes lines, lanyards, garden lines, awning lines, and any other uses requiring great strength and durability. In an emergency the inner strands can be removed and used as fishing line or sewing thread. Does not stretch significantly
  • Seven braided strands inside nylon covering, resulting in a 550 lb. test.
  • Use hot knife to sear ends to prevent fraying.
  • quick drying, will not rot or mildew.
  • Handy in trunk or camping gear for emergency lashings and tiedowns
  • Can easily be spliced to many of our clips and snaps
  • light weight, strong & durable.
  • continuous filament nylon shroud.
  • nylon inner strands.
  • made in USA.

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