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Power Supplies


There are virtually an unlimited number and variations of power supplies that will work with the Tri-Clusters and MicroStars. To size the power supply to the planned LED light circuit, we recommend that you take the total number of lights in the circuit and multiply that number by .025 mili-amps to get a total current requirement. This total should be somewhat less that the rating of the power supply.

If the wiring run is long and you want maximum brightness from the lights, you may decide to use a 14 VDC or 13.5 VDC power supply instead of the more common 12 VDC. For longevity of the LED lights, you shouldn’t have a voltage in excess of 14.6 volts at the lights themselves. If the output of the power supply is in AC, a bridge rectifier should be used to convert the current to DC. For more information, see Notes on Power Supplies.

Berkeley Point currently offers two small, 12 volt, simple wall mount power supplies of 300 mA and 500 mA (mili-amp) capacity. These Power supplies are not designed for exterior locations. They can often be placed in a basement or garage, and the low voltage output wires can be led outside if needed for landscape or exterior lighting needs. The simplest way of switching these on is by plugging them into a photo or timer switch receptacle.


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