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Learning Center

At Berkeley Point we take pride in doing things with our own hands. We feel that one can do anything as long as they have the right tools and the right information. We've assembled a number of "Learning Center" documents to help you in using our products, doing it yourself and having the satisfaction of doing a job right the first time (and learning a few things, too, we hope!).


The Learning Center Guides

Hardware Terms
The terms associated with Stainless and Titanium hardware are a long list and often abberviated. A quick list of many of the terms we use on our site can be found here.

All About Stainless Steel
We have many stainless steel products -- and they're more expensive than regular steel. What's so special about Stainless? This artiicle gives background, history and properties of the various grades of stainless steel.

Wiring for Direct Burial
Our products are water proof and ready for use in your landscape and garden. This document contains a few items to help you ensure your installation will be maintenance free for the coming years.

How to Wire a Circuit "In Parallel"
How the heck can I wire a whole bunch of these lights? This document explains the easy way to create a circuit that minimizes the waste of wire, minimizes the number of connections, and properly powers your lights.

Notes on Wire
The world of wire is huge. Here are our notes on which wires work best, how to select your wire and other wire considerations.

Notes on Power Supplies
There are a number of ways to power our lights. This document explores issues surrounding power transformation, timers, photo switches and how many lights you can power with your supply.

Wire Gauge and LED lights
This white paper covers a number of factors to take into consideration when selecting a wire gauge for your LED lighting system.



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