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Berkeley Point is proud to present the Loc-Line product family. We love Loc-Line - it's one of the most versatile flexible hose solutions available today. We use them for water flow, wire housings, air flow and tons of other uses. Once you have a few parts in your hands we think you'll be able to come up with hundreds of uses of your own.

We have a wide selection of the 1/4" fixtures in stock and we are happy to order other sizes and specialty fixtures at no additional cost.


Loc-Line Quick Facts

  • Bending doesn't decrease the inside diameter and it won't kink or fatigue like copper tubing.
  • Has no internal positioning rod that can break or restrict fluid flow.
  • Repeated positioning is easy and it will stay in position without any spring back.
  • Is manufactured in a premium grade acetal copolymer material which is chemically resistant to petroleum products, coolants, and most common chemicals.
  • Continues the original adjustable hose concept by offering three hose diameters, manifolds, valves, and a large choice of nozzles and fittings including the new Magnetic Base Manifold proving, adjustability only just started with our original concept.
  • Is designed for low pressure applications. Maximum pressures for the hose system vary with the length of the hose, the diameter of the selected nozzle, and the bending angles.

1/4" Segment

Extended Segment

1/8" Nozzle

1/4" Nozzle

1/8" NPT Connector

1/4" NPT Connector

1/4" Y Fitting

1/4" Double Socket

6 Segment Bundle

Loc-line Pliers


$30 minimum order required

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