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About Berkeley Point

We are small business (online only -- sorry to those local to Berkeley CA) that isn't looking to take over the world. We like (and regularly use) the products we carry and they've either made our lives a little better, a little easier or just plain made us happy. (Some, well many, still confound us, but you guys seems to like them.)

Some of our products are manufactured by us, some are procured from other, similar small businesses - the ones that make a good, innovative, useful product at a decent price. Where possible, we make sure what we buy is made or assembled in the USA (believe us, this is hard -- our items are increasingly made outside of the US). We like to think that this makes a difference.

Our plan is to add more products continously, if you'd like to be on our (low-traffic) update list, please sign up here.

We're constantly looking for other cool ideas and products. If you have a suggestion of something you'd like to see us carry, drop us a line - we'd love to hear from you.

If you are interested in selling our products, or are a contractor who wants to resell our stuff, check out our partner page. We're committed to working with folks who install our products.

Please note: These web pages were compiled by a grammatically challenged guy without the aid of spell check and in some cases, brain check, as well. Any discrepancies or dangling whatevers are his fault and certainly no surprise to his english teacher(s). We ask that you look beyond our shortcomings and view the products on their own merits. If enough revenue is generated from this site and if we can avoid diverting all of those funds to new products, we may someday get professional help -- but don't hold your breath.

For phone contact (we try to follow up on phone messages, email is the BEST way to get to us, see below):

Direct Line: 1-877-261-0303 / FAX: (510) 288-1331

For general questions contact: questions@berkeleypoint.com

Our mailing address is (not a retail location):

1328 E Roosevelt Rd
Huachuca City AZ 85616


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