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Tri-Cluster LED Black Aluminum - Flush Mount

Model: TC-FB

Tri-Cluster LED Black Aluminum - Flush Mount

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TC-FB Tri-Cluster LED Black Aluminum - Flush Mount $25.00/each
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  • Tri-Cluster consists of 3 LEDs, potted in the metal housing with epoxy
  • 12VDC - Tri-Clusters draw ~ 20 mili-amps @ 13V
  • Life expectancy of LED can be up to 100,000 hours
  • Housing: 1/2" x 1" long
  • Weight: 1.2 oz.
  • The applications for this light are limited only by your imagination. See case studies and examples
  • Will attach to Loc-Line or can be inserted in 1/2" hole
  • The Fixture is waterproof and submersible
  • These LEDs generate no heat or infrared light; bugs are not attracted as with incandescent bulbs
  • ColorCode: Red is positive (+) and Black is negative (-). Proper polarity must be observed. The Tri-Clusters will nor be harmed but they will not light if wired incorrectly.
  • Requiring 12 VDC and with low power consumption, this LED light is ideally suited for battery and solar power supplies. A small 110 VAC to 12 VDC transformer may also be used. A 500 milli-amp transformer will power 23 of these lights at a household consumption of less than 10 watts
  • With a 24 VDC power supply, two of these lights may be wired in series
  • If the power supply is 12 VAC as many low voltage landscape lighting power supplies are, it is recommended that an inexpensive bridge rectifier is placed in the circuit ahead of any LED lights. See Power Supply Tips.
  • In most applications, 22 - 20 gage wire seems to be about ideal. A common jacket covering the insulated wires is also a good idea. On long runs, the resistance of the wire will cause a drop in voltage. In the case of the Tri-Clusters, a voltage drop will also cause some dimming of light output but not significant unless the voltage drop itself is considerable.
  • These use a newer and brighter LED, the 310CS. The Nichia 310CS is a brighter LED witha larger viewing angle (more flood). Where the 312 put out about 1 lumen of light, the 310CS puts out about 2 lumens (at the same input power).
  • 17" long, 22 gauge, tinned stranded leads -- no PVC jacket
  • Please read our Handling and Installation Caution.
  • Tri-Cluster LED lights should be wired in parallel to eachother. They have been designed for "nominal 12VDC". These lights can be mixed on the same feed line. The Tri-Clusters can be supplied with voltage up to 14VDC and lower than 12 VDC will cause no harm but light output will drop.
  • Made in the USA.

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