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Mag Light Collar

Sure Fire Collar w/ Tab --- SOLD OUT

Model: BPSFC

SORRY - SOLD OUT!!! A hard to find kit to add a secure collar to your SureFire. This collar secures your flash light by adding a secure mounting point. This mounting point can be slipped into our belt clip or wall mount ensuring easy access to your flashlight.

The collar fits on the SureFire "E" series lights: E1e, E2e, E2d and L4.

The piece is made with machined brass, with a bright EN plating. Kit comes complete with collar, tab, allen wrench and screw.

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BPSFC SureFire Swivel Mount Collar --SOLD OUT $0.00/each
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  • Secure your SureFire "E" series lights
  • Kit includes collar, #6x32 set screw, allen wrench and mounting tab.
  • Machined brass, plated with bright nickle metal finish.
  • Additional 1/4" x 20 threaded hole for use with stud swivel, stud swivel with ring, stud swivel with link, or other tether system.

    This 1/4" x 20 hole also allows for an independent mounting on a flexible stalk or tri-pod. Many folks are finding that the new LED flashlights serve well for hands free tempory task lighting as well as light sources for photography. The collars can be used strictly for this purpose without the tabs. The collar is slipped on and when the 1/4"x20 screw on the stalk or tri-pod is tightened, it secures the collar to the light as well.

  • Takes SureFire "E" series lights to new level of professional and secure use.
  • Install Notes:

    When these tabs are used, it is very important to insure a secure connection and a thread locking material should be used. The collars have a #6x32 set screw that secures them to the battery tube or tail cap. This set screw should be tightened but NOT over tightened!

    The set screw can damage or collapse the thin wall of some of the tubes. Once the collar is in place, the tab is screwed down onto the set screw. When the tab is tightened against the collar it acts like a jam or lock nut, putting the threads of the set screw in tension.

    Tightening the tab against the collar does not increase the pressure of the set screw against the battery tube. The allen wrench can be passed through the tab and placed in the set screw to insure that the set screw does not rotate in the collar tightening against the tube when the tab is jammed against the collar. Adhesives can be used under the collars as well as tape or shim stock under where the set screw contacts the tube. Anyone using these parts must confirm to their own satisfaction that the parts are secure and acceptable for the application in mind.


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