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Welcome to Berkeley Point, a showcase and store for an eclectic assortment of products ranging from stainless steel components and hardware for aviation, marine, garden and landscape use as well as efficient LED lighting for fountains, landscape and home use.

Application Shots

We'd love to see pictures of how you are using our products. We've heard great stories of pushing the boundaries of how we could have ever possibly conceived of these little bits of metal being used. Send us a couple of pictures of your every day carry, your lighting installation, your gear or even just your key chains. Add short description, your name and address and we'll add them to our site, give you credit and send you a little thanks.

New Kits/Samplers

We now offer several new kits/samplers:

Clip Sampler
A discounted sampler of our popular clips.

Quick Link Sampler
A bundle of all of our quick links. Discounted!



Product Families

Light Fixtures
A wide selection of LED-based lighting solutions for marine, landscape, indoor, exterior/architectural and creative use.
We carry just two types of anchors -- the PlowMaster and SeaMaster lines from Suncor Stainless. Beautiful, high polish, very strong and will last for years.
Stainless Steel Hardware
A fine selection of Stainless Steel hardware for marine, yard, shop and garden use.
Quick Links | Clips | Shackles and Snaps | Rings | Threaded Hardware | Pad Eyes and Eye Straps | Rigging | Webbing Hardware | Turnbuckles | Swivels | Misc. Hardware
Stainless Wire Rope
Strong, high quality wire rope, clips, thimbles and turnbuckles.
Cord & Chain
A selection of anchor, twist link, long-link, jack and sash chain, cord and accessories for use in building lanyards, tie-downs and other uses.
Installation Materials
Materials to help you with low-voltage LED fixed-lighting installations.
Tools and Tethers
Our favorite tools and tethers. These made our jobs (and lives) a little easier.
Power Supplies
A small selection of low-voltage power supplies for use with our LED-based lighting.
Sale Items
A selection of deeply discounted sale items.

Gear Showcase

We've taken our product list and grouped them by our hobbies. An easy to browse our wide variety of multi-application products.

GPS Accessories
We love our GPS units. Here's a list of our hardware and accessories that will help you use, secure and store your GPS.


We've been busy. Take a look at a few installations of our products:

The Learning Center

Confused about how to install our products? Take a few minutes and look at our Learning Center, you'll find instructions and tips for most of our products. Still confused? Drop us a line.

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