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December 3, 2023      

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    Tri-Cluster/MicroStar Art and Unique Installations

    The Tri-Cluster and MicroStar are ideal for many different types of installations. The size and limited power consumption make them ideal for addition to costumes, hats and even shoes. They make ideal additions to fountains and other outdoor art work, extending their enjoyment well past sunset.

    If you have a unique use, give us a call. We love the challenges brought on by pushing the limits of what our products can do. We love to do custom work, or just help you though some of your design issues.

    Take a look at some of the pictures below - the lights were not designed for these particular uses, but with a little imagination and a little work people these designs were achieved - and with great results.

    Art Installations

    The MicroStar and Tri-Cluster have found their way into all sorts of creations. Artists of all types - sculptors, painters and performers - have found their subtle light a compelling addition to their art work.

    They also make great addition to back yard and municipal art installations. The low power consumption makes them ideal for use all night, and the low voltage aspect makes them safe and easy to wire for the outdoors. Below you will see a few instances of art and costume use. These lights possibilities are truly limited only by ones imagination.

    Rock fountain with MicroStar

    Night view of fountain.

    Shoe art

    Fiber Optic cable lit by MicroStar, added as hat decoration.

    Full costume - Skirt, hat, and shoes.

    MicroStar powered fiber optics, braided into hair as part of costume. Also note fiber "feather" on hat at right.

    Unique Installations

    MicroStars and Tri-Clusters are really flexible in their application. If you can think of something to light, there's a way to do it with one of our products.

    The picture below demonstrates an installation for demonstration - the lights are mounted in a rock, carried by diver to the floor of the ocean, and a picture was taken (with a willing, shelled-model).

    MicroStar mounted in rock, under water with Starfish.

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