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Lighting Applications

Community Fence Installation

A Berkeley community group wanted to add some safety lighting along a fence and gate that borders a community garden. Berkeley Point consulted with the group and proposed a plan that would mount hidden lights along a decorative fence at regular intervals, as well as mounting a few lights in a decorative archway to light the entrance to the garden.

Again, great care was taken to run the wire out of view of daytime garden users, and the wire was fished through hollow channels in the fencing. The lights chosen were the Tri-Cluster Brass Bolt-Style fixture (model 302). These were chosen because a pilot hole would be drilled into the fencing channel and the bolt could be secured in place by utilizing tapped threads in the metal. This served two purposes - the first to make it more difficult to vandalize the lights and the second to minimize the daytime line-of-sight of the light fixtures.

The below pictures are detail of that installation. (Click images to enlarge.)

Detail of fence rail.

Detail of decorative arch.

Decorative Arch distance shot.

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Southern California Poolside Installation

A Berkeley Point client was interested in installing lights in the backyard, pool side paradise. They were interested in illuminating and highlighting pool side foliage, but didn't want the harsh "spotlight" effect provided by most Malibu-like fixtures and lights. The installation used the Tri-Cluster in brass ball fixture (370) as an architectural accent. Over time the bright, polished brass will tarnish and blend into the hardscape. The below pictures show the installation and the results. (Click images to enlarge.)

Detail of wall installation.

Night shot of wall mounted light.

Highlighting pool side decoration.

Detail of pool side planter.

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East Bay Stairway

An East Bay homeowner wanted to illuminate their front walk and stairs, without destroying their night vision or altering the nighttime landscape (as well as saving some electricity dollars). They opted to mount a number of Tri-CLuster 370's on the railings alongside their sidewalk, as well as mounting a series on their exterior stucco. The below pictures are details of that installation. (Click images to enlarge.)

Wall Series.

Distance Shot.

Wall Mount.

Night Shot.

Rail Detail.

Rail Detail.

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Tri-Cluster/Microstar Landscape Applications

The Tri-Clusters and MicroStars are ideal for landscape applications. They are small, waterproof and draw insignificant amounts of power. Because there are no bulbs to replace, once installed, the lights can be enjoyed for years with no thought or need for maintenance.

Due to their small size and small gauge wire feeding them, these lights can virtually be hidden in the landscape and not break up the natural flow of the garden. The garden can be accented and illuminated without drawing attention to bulky light fixtures themselves.

The Tri-Clusters and MicroStars can bring magic and moonlight to any landscape and yet remain insignificant in their presence. These LED lights provide a cool white light with a hint of blue, very similar to moon light. This color of light has been recommended by experts as the ideal choice for illuminating foliage.

Elevated Landscape Lighting

The MicroStar and Tri-Cluster do an amazing job of filling in landscaped areas when mounted in eaves or in arbors providing a "flood" effect. The lighting is similar to that of a full-moon, and does a wonderful job of filling in and illuminating the landscape without a washout or blinding effect.

The below pictures don't do the lights justice -- but they'll give you an idea of what they can do. Notice that there aren't any "hot spots" like you would see with traditional halogen lighting. (Click images to enlarge.)

Landscape lighting from above.

Another view of the same garden, illuminated by two Tri-Clusters (Model 310).

Final View, different angle.
Installed Landscape Lighting

The Tri-Cluster and MicroStar are ideal for installing at ground level or in hardscape elements in your landscape. Their compact size and flexible installation options make adding light to your landscape quite easy.

Below is a study of an installation using MicroStars in a rock and dirt wall landscape feature. (Click image to enlarge.)

Light fixture mounted in wall.

MicroStar (Model 100) in rock fixture.

Rock wall, distance shot.

Rock wall, night shot.

Concrete steps, day shot.

Concrete steps, night shot.

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Tri-CLusters: Hardscape/Arbor Installation

The Tri-Clusters and MicroStars are ideal for exterior architectural applications. They run very efficiently on a safe low voltage and can be switched on for the duration of the dark hours without significant electricity cost.

The level of illumination from these LED lights allows you to see the night and not be blinded to it. A "full moon" level of illumination can be provided which will allow for ingress and egress. Structural elements may be highlighted or accented without removing the balance of what is there from ones sight, as is the case with conventional lights that are too intense.

Evenly placed LED lights on a wall, walkway or fence can provide a stimulating pattern of light and shadow and become a dimension of the architectural presence not visible during daylight hours. Whether the light is direct or indirect (reflected off light colored surfaces) care must be given to placement so that ones eyes are not drawn to the LED light source itself. These LED lights provide a cool white light with a hint of blue, very similar to moon light.

This color can provide a pleasant contrast to the warmer colors of light, which may emanate from within a structure.

The MicroStar and Tri-Cluster do an amazing job of providing ambient safety and security lighting. The lights provide enough light to move around obstacles and provide ingress and egress around your yard and house exterior.

The below pictures are of an arbor and gate that provides security to a backyard entrance. The lights (MicroStar Model 100's) are mounted in the arbor, and are switched on automatically at night using a photo switch. The lights are mounted such that an observing eye does not detect their presence, until the lights turn on. This type of lighting is effective on enhancing architectural elements as well as providing safety for access as well as enhancing security by removing shadowy areas that provide shelter to intruders.

Arbor and gate, front view at night.
Detail of light installation.

Arbor and gate, front view.

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MicroStars: Interior Applications

The Tri-Clusters and MicroStars can provide a true, low level of illumination, night light to interior spaces. When properly placed to bounce light of light colored ceilings and walls, these lights will provide a "Full Moon" within the interior of homes and buildings and ingress and egress is possible without switching on the regular room lights.

A three bedroom house can have these lights placed in all rooms, hallways and entry ways, switched by photo switch or timer to run during the dark hours and the total electrical cost will be less than running a single 7 watt night light of the conventional style. A group of 28 Tri-Clusters and/ or MicroStars will draw less than 7 watts total.

By not including these lights in bedrooms, when it is time for sleep, one can navigate the house without switching on and off lights. Should one arise in the middle of the night needing to visit the bathroom or kitchen, one can do so with clear vision and no need for switching on "blinding" lights.

For retrofitting existing structures, installation of these lights doesn't require an electrician blasting large holes through the sheet rock and installing conduit or romex. The wiring requirements are similar to running small gauge wire such as phone extensions. With a cordless drill and a wire staple gun most installations can be accomplished. Access to an attic or basement will give access to the rooms you wish to illuminate and a small hole in the corner of the ceiling or floor will allow the feed wire to enter the room. Closets are ideal points of entry and a straight hole through the wall of the closet into the room to illuminate will keep the feed wire out of sight.

The fact that these lights work on a safe low voltage coupled with essentially no heat generated, allows for home owner installation and placements which would be unacceptable for conventional lighting. These LED lights provide a cool white light with a hint of blue, very similar to moon light.

Hallway Installation

A Berkeley Point client wanted to illuminate an often used hallway. The hallway was a high traffic area, and had only one incandescent light fixture. The client felt if they could create an ambient light in the hallway, the light fixture would not be regularly used. The installed (a combination of 370's and 350's)Tri-Clusters created enough light to allow safe navigation.

A set of Tri-CLusters were also added to a garage exit that lead to the back yard. The lights in this situation provided security as well as safety, lighting a dark and steep stairway.(Click images to enlarge.)

Detail of hallway.



Garage Stairway.

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Community Garden Installation

The Hopper Commons Community Garden wanted to light up a gathering area to extend it's usefulness into evening hours. They had concerns about the use of traditional bright lights - both due to the harsh light quality and the infrared by product that attracts bugs and other critters. We installed a series of Tri-Cluster's (Model 300) into the beams of the arbor. The total installation uses 8 lights and runs off of two small solar panels that trickle charge a 12 Volt battery.

Great care was taken during the installation to hide and obscure all wiring and power supplies, so that the lights would serve their purpose of providing light at night, but wouldn't be an unwanted addition to the architecture of the arbor and bench area. The pictures below are detail shots of that installation. (Click image to enlarge.)

Arbor and bench installation area.

Detail of Tri-CLuster (Model 300) mounted in beam.

Beam area of installation.

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MicroStars: San Francisco Back yard

A Berkeley Point customer in San Francisco wanted to light and accent their back yard. They consulted with Berkeley Point and came up with a plan to install a series of lights along the roof line of the house (a number of 350's - utilizing the stalk to help aim the light source) as well as a few ground-level lights (350's with landscape stake).

Below are a few images of that installation. (Click image to enlarge.)

Rear Roof Line.

Yard Detail

Yard Detail.

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Unique Installations

MicroStars and Tri-Clusters are really flexible in their application. If you can think of something to light, there's a way to do it with one of our products.

The picture below demonstrates an installation fof exterem measure - the lights are mounted in a rock, carried by diver to the floor of the ocean, and a picture was taken (with a willing, shelled-model).

MicroStar mounted in rock, under water with Starfish.

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Art Installations

The Tri-Cluster and MicroStar are ideal for many different types of installations. The size and limited power consumption make them ideal for addition to costumes, hats and even shoes. They make ideal additions to fountains and other outdoor art work, extending their enjoyment well past sunset.

If you have a unique use, give us a call. We love the challenges brought on by pushing the limits of what our products can do. We love to do custom work, or just help you though some of your design issues.

Take a look at some of the pictures below - the lights were not designed for these particular uses, but with a little imagination and a little work people these designs were achieved - and with great results.


The MicroStar and Tri-Cluster have found their way into all sorts of creations. Artists of all types - sculptors, painters and performers - have found their subtle light a compelling addition to their art work.

They also make great addition to back yard and municipal art installations. The low power consumption makes them ideal for use all night, and the low voltage aspect makes them safe and easy to wire for the outdoors. Below you will see a few instances of art and costume use. These lights possibilities are truly limited only by ones imagination.

Rock fountain with MicroStar

Night view of fountain.

Shoe art

Fiber Optic cable lit by MicroStar, added as hat decoration.

Full costume - Skirt, hat, and shoes.

MicroStar powered fiber optics, braided into hair as part of costume. Also note fiber "feather" on hat at right.

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MicroStar: Ocean Planet Installation

The Made in America Foundation Globe Challenge "Open 60" - Ocean Planet -- completed construction at Schooner Creek Boat Works in Portland, OR. USA on April 5, 2002. The unique design of Ocean Planet brings a new, innovative approach to the Open 60 class of boats.

We at Berkeley Point were excited for the opportunity to see the MicroStar (Model 100)in action. The below photographs give a good representation of a Marine installation. (Click images to enlarge.)

Ocean Planet leaving Pacific Sail Expo Dock.

Bruce Schwab - Below Decks.

Nav Station - Clustered MicroStar chart light.

Sail Locker - duplex MicroStar fixture above.

Duplex MicroStar fixture above, forward of carbon fiber ring frame.

Duplex MicroStar fixtures, port and starboard (in picture) of mast (looking aft) .

Duplex MicroStar fixtures, port and starboard of mast (looking forward).

Duplex MicroStar fixture above stowed pipe berth.

Duplex MicroStar fixture on main bulkhead, starboard side, in vestibule .

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