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Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes?

A friend of ours has started a company focused on green initiatives in school lunches, and they have started a website selling tiffins. A tiffin is a lunch box -- in this case made from stainless steel.

For anyone who belives that buying stainless and titanium hardware is one part environmentalism, check out thier site, a great resource for a waste free lunch.

From their site "The round tiffin –the original reusable lunchbox – was borne from a need to reuse and conserve, a necessary way of life in places such as Thailand where the design and manufacturing of stainless steel food containers has been especially refined over decades of tradition."

See: http://goluncharound.com/

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Clare Foshee:

Grand idea! Saw them all over India, where "lunch wallas" would be dispatched to deliver hot lunches to office workers in downtown New Delhi and other cities.

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