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Berkeley Point's Mission

It is our intent to provide high quality, unique products to the public and resale community. We are not motivated to source products and components strictly on a basis of cost. It is our hope that the items you buy from us will provide exceptional service for an extended period of time. We would like you to return to us for more products, and we anticipate these ongoing purchases to be for additional or different items, not replacements for goods already purchased.

We live and function in a global economy that's a fact of life. Therefore many of the components in our products are imported. Whenever possible, the components and their assemblies are from the United States and North America. We choose not to compromise on materials nor do we feel that capitalizing on unskilled and cheap labor is mandatory to keep the price down at all times. We are willing to pay a slight premium for our goods in order to support domestic manufacturers. It is our plan to promote and provide quality products, which are made and assembled in the USA. This, as a reality, will not be the case with every item but you can rest assured that what we offer is the original, and of high quality - not inferior duplicates offered at lower prices.

We all - as a distributors and consumers - are continually affecting the course of commerce by where we spend our dollars. We want to encourage quality, longevity of service and diversity of products. This is the underlying theme of our offering and we hope you will feel inclined to support us with your patronage. Our planet has limited resources. We aim to provide items which maximize the life and utility of the materials used. We won't offer gimmicks or disposable goods, nor is it likely that you'll run across our products in a landfill.

Speaking of longeivity of products, we're committed to keepingour landfills free of BP waste. We use recycled materials when shipping, we print on 100% post-consumer waste paper, we operate as green of a business as possible considering that our main delivery method is shipping. We partner with manufacturers and distributors around the country -- we'll drop ship and lose some profit to keep the miles a product is shipped to minimum -- hopefully saving materials.

You will notice that our products have been designed with the intention of prolonged service by the choice of materials and method of assembly used. This will inevitably carry a slightly higher cost than other similar products with a "planned obsolescence". If metal will last longer than plastic or if stainless steel will last longer than another metal, that will be the material of choice.

Consider the LED lighting products we offer. The LEDs themselves should last 100,000 hours of use. The LED fixtures, components and electrical circuit involved should be designed to last accordingly. In the short time that these products have been out, many have been used to replace other lighting systems whose effective life cycles can be measured in months where one would have expected years.

We invite you to look for similar products elsewhere -- but make sure you look at the details. Our products may have a slightly higher price - but we think the difference is clear and worth your hard-earned dollars.

Thanks for suporting us!

T. Jay Fowler & Jennifer LIttle


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