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Lighting Strategies

Landscape Lighting Strategies:

When designing a lighting system for lighting a landscaped area, careful consideration must be given to what your intentions are and how best to accomplish these. Although Berkeley Point is proud of the lights we sell, we feel that especially in the case of landscape lighting, the lights themselves will not be readily apparent. Whether you are lighting a pathway or silhouetting or highlighting a feature in the garden, you don't want the eye drawn to the light or specifically the light source, rather you want the eye drawn to the area or object illuminated. This requires careful placement of the lights with them often above or behind the object of illumination. In some cases in hiding the light source, you must rely on light bounced of light colored objects or foliage to get to the object of illumination. In the case of path lighting, a pattern rendered by visible light sources may be desired but typically, you will want to avoid the bright spots of the light sources. In most cases, when possible, trial and error of light placement will yield the best results with acceptable compromises.

Architectural Lighting Strategies:

When using the low voltage LED lights for architectural elements, both direct and reflected light might be employed. You may decide to have the light fixtures themselves be a visible element. Care should be taken that the light source itself is not directly seen. If this can't be avoided, the lights should be placed in locations where the eye will not typically be drawn. IE. Above or below the normal sight path. If a wide angle of illumination is acceptable versus a deeper penetration of the light, perhaps filling the LED light head with clear silicone as a diffusing lens will significantly soften the impact of the light source on the eye.


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