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Community Fence Installation

A Berkeley community group wanted to add some safety lighting along a fence and gate that borders a community garden. Berkeley Point consulted with the group and proposed a plan that would mount hidden lights along a decorative fence at regular intervals, as well as mounting a few lights in a decorative archway to light the entrance to the garden.

Again, great care was taken to run the wire out of view of daytime garden users, and the wire was fished through hollow channels in the fencing. The lights chosen were the Tri-Cluster Brass Bolt-Style fixture (model 302). These were chosen because a pilot hole would be drilled into the fencing channel and the bolt could be secured in place by utilizing tapped threads in the metal. This served two purposes - the first to make it more difficult to vandalize the lights and the second to minimize the daytime line-of-sight of the light fixtures.

The below pictures are detail of that installation. (Click images to enlarge.)

Detail of fence rail.

Detail of decorative arch.

Decorative Arch distance shot.
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