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MicroStars: Interior Applications

The Tri-Clusters and MicroStars can provide a true, low level of illumination, night light to interior spaces. When properly placed to bounce light of light colored ceilings and walls, these lights will provide a "Full Moon" within the interior of homes and buildings and ingress and egress is possible without switching on the regular room lights.

A three bedroom house can have these lights placed in all rooms, hallways and entry ways, switched by photo switch or timer to run during the dark hours and the total electrical cost will be less than running a single 7 watt night light of the conventional style. A group of 28 Tri-Clusters and/ or MicroStars will draw less than 7 watts total.

By not including these lights in bedrooms, when it is time for sleep, one can navigate the house without switching on and off lights. Should one arise in the middle of the night needing to visit the bathroom or kitchen, one can do so with clear vision and no need for switching on "blinding" lights.

For retrofitting existing structures, installation of these lights doesn't require an electrician blasting large holes through the sheet rock and installing conduit or romex. The wiring requirements are similar to running small gauge wire such as phone extensions. With a cordless drill and a wire staple gun most installations can be accomplished. Access to an attic or basement will give access to the rooms you wish to illuminate and a small hole in the corner of the ceiling or floor will allow the feed wire to enter the room. Closets are ideal points of entry and a straight hole through the wall of the closet into the room to illuminate will keep the feed wire out of sight.

The fact that these lights work on a safe low voltage coupled with essentially no heat generated, allows for home owner installation and placements which would be unacceptable for conventional lighting. These LED lights provide a cool white light with a hint of blue, very similar to moon light.

Hallway Installation

A Berkeley Point client wanted to illuminate an often used hallway. The hallway was a high traffic area, and had only one incandescent light fixture. The client felt if they could create an ambient light in the hallway, the light fixture would not be regularly used. The installed (a combination of 370's and 350's)Tri-Clusters created enough light to allow safe navigation.

A set of Tri-CLusters were also added to a garage exit that lead to the back yard. The lights in this situation provided security as well as safety, lighting a dark and steep stairway.(Click images to enlarge.)

Detail of hallway.



Garage Stairway.

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