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MicroStar: Ocean Planet Installation

The Made in America Foundation Globe Challenge "Open 60" - Ocean Planet -- completed construction at Schooner Creek Boat Works in Portland, OR. USA on April 5, 2002. The unique design of Ocean Planet brings a new, innovative approach to the Open 60 class of boats.

We at Berkeley Point were excited for the opportunity to see the MicroStar (Model 100)in action. The below photographs give a good representation of a Marine installation. (Click images to enlarge.)

Ocean Planet leaving Pacific Sail Expo Dock.

Bruce Schwab - Below Decks.

Nav Station - Clustered MicroStar chart light.

Sail Locker - duplex MicroStar fixture above.

Duplex MicroStar fixture above, forward of carbon fiber ring frame.

Duplex MicroStar fixtures, port and starboard (in picture) of mast (looking aft) .

Duplex MicroStar fixtures, port and starboard of mast (looking forward).

Duplex MicroStar fixture above stowed pipe berth.

Duplex MicroStar fixture on main bulkhead, starboard side, in vestibule .
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